Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mom's out there! Today is my first time celebrating and I had a wonderful day! My son had his very first photoshoot and I spent the rest of the day surrounded by love! hope everyone else enjoyed their mothers day as much as I did! What did you do to celebrate your first mothers day??

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sorry for the delay

So it's been a while since I last updated. A lot has happened since. Lets see... My last day of physically going into work was April 27th I was so glad I wouldn't have to go into the office everyday. The original plan was to work from home for the next two weeks or until I gave birth. Friday morning when I got to work I learned that they were giving me  work shower. I was surprised but I thought it was funny that their surprise was not so much a surprise lol. Any who, I really enjoyed it! it was small and short but it was a good time with good convo.

 Saturday Morning I decided I needed to finish moving so I rented a uhaul and loaded it up & hauled everything (well most things) to the new place.  Next I had tons of errands to run so I took care of those then we put together the crib. Throughout most of the day I was having contractions but they weren't consistent, nor were they too painful. Now that I think of it I was having contractions at work on Friday as well. After the crib went up, we put my bed up, ordered some take out and I laid down for a bit. At this point the contractions were way more frequent and painful. I realized it was time!! I timed a few contractions on my iphone app, and then I called my Dr. (who was sleeping btw) . He advised that I should go to the hospital. If I was being admitted they'd call him & he'd meet us there, so we hopped in the car and went on our way. Got to L&D and they had me change into a gown and strapped me up to a fetal monitor & contraction monitor. They contractions were like 4 mins apart. Someone (I had no idea who anyone was, especially since my sleepy dr. never made it until AFTER I gave birth) checked me and said I was 7 cm's dilated. They decided they were going to admit me. At this point I was in quite a bit of pain. I originally planned on doing this 100% natural no drugs nothing but the contractions were becoming intense and once the asked if I wanted the epidural before the woman even had a chance to finish her sentence I said YES I NEED IT! We went over to the delivery room and things started moving even quicker. I was checked agin and surprise surprise 15 mins later I was at 10. They broke my water and mentioned that they noticed the baby passed meconium.  I suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to push so as I started pushing (lol) I told them I have to push, they told me when I felt the urge to go ahead and push! First push & his head popped out! Unfortunately daddy was robbed of being able to cut the cord b/c the cord was wrapped tightly around baby's neck. They told me hold off on pushing and they cut the cord, then I pushed 2 more times I think and he was out! It was so easy. I knew I wasn't worried for a reason! ANyway since he passed meconium they took him and made sure he was okay. About 45 mins to an hour later we were finally allowed to hold our son

I'm so glad it's over! I was so uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy and even though I didn't get to finish nesting how I would have like to ie: having his room painted etc. I'm happy he's here 2 weeks early and all. He's such a good baby. He's very quiet and barely cries unless he's hungry. Once he's full he's out like a light again. Only thing that bothers me is the fact that he cries when it's diaper change time. he cries bloody murder! I can't figure out why he hates it so much. Anyhow, his umbilical cord stump fell off today and I can't wait to give him his first bath. Soo excited! I think I hear my hungry baby grunting so I gotta go!