Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9 weeks left!

I'm in my 31st week and ironically I feel much better than I have most of the pregnancy. Not so tired/lethargic (Dr. put me on some iron supplement and I believe that has helped tremendously).  I also think the weather is playing a major role in this, spring has finally sprung (unofficially) the sun is out longer and I'm so excited about that!

I had a Dr.'s appointment today and she said he looks perfect. He's head down, lots of movement, and my stomach measured right on point as well. I however lost 2 lbs. I wasn't at all alarmed to hear this because of course during the winter I tend to layer up, tights under my jeans, shirts under my sweaters paired with a pair of knee high boots. All of that extra clothing & shoes weighs quite a bit, I always notice a difference in my weight when I get on the scale naked vs fully clothed w/shoes on! I asked the midwife about it and she did mention that although my weight gain hasn't been exceptional, I gained majority of my weight early on in the pregnancy, and I'm on target so if I don't gain much more that would be fine. So far I've gained 17lbs. 

9 more weeks to go I reckon I'll gain about 5-7 more maybe 10.... In 2 weeks I'll do my final growth scan to see how much he's gained and then we wait!!

Last night Baby's grandma ordered our crib/changer combo & mattress. I'm excited!!

Here's a pic of the crib. While this isn't the one I wanted (one I wanted was out of stock) this one appears to be cute and has good reviews, can't wait till it arrives and we put it up!

Till next time

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