Thursday, January 5, 2012

This week.....

has been pretty uneventful. Nothing exciting to report. I've been having a bit of pain/discomfort in my pelvic bone area but that's pretty much it. My balance is completely off. I tried to wear a pair of wedges to church on Sunday and wound up twisting my ankle and falling, no more heels till July for me lol...

This little boy is very active. Feels like he's practicing kung fu in there it's pretty funny actually. Sometimes I feel him in two places at the same time I assume that's him stretching? I played some classical music to my belly the other day and he went crazy, I assume he liked it, or not... lol

That's pretty much it... I have my 6 mth Dr. appt on Monday hopefully all goes well with that.


oh & happy new year all!


  1. Babe congrats !!!!! I was soooooo happy to see that you updated ur cynical blah blog only to find out that my hunni was having a BABY!!!!!! i cant believe i missed the announcement! I def want to send you something if u allow. Your shape still looks phenomenal and i hope ur hair is growing fast now lol...(since yo miss ur flowing tresses) best of luck! I will be checkin on you weekly as you post .... My cyber hunni is having a babyyyyy!!!! :)

  2. Aww you're so sweet!!

    Email me

    I hope I snap back lol, I'z scurred! My hair is growing, not as fast as I would like it to, but I think I'm just a lil unrealistic about the growth I think I should be having lol. :-)