Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Few purchases & freebies

Oh the joys of working in the world of social media! There are always tons of events where you get all this cool free swag. The lovely mommy blogger Holly Pavlika and I happen to work together and a few weeks ago she happened to have attended an even hosted by Jessica Alba. Apparently she has a new line of organic diapers and all natural baby products and since Holly has big kids, when she got the gift box she thought of me! I was so excited when she walked over to my desk and plopped this stuff on my desk. First the gift bag/box is so cute!

Once I finally got it open it had these adorable diapers inside. The boys diapers were plaid, some were skull and cross bone and the other had a nautical theme goin on and the girls diapers were pink with a floral print, one with pink stars and one with ice cream cones. Too cute!

In addition to the diapers there was a small pack of wipes and a box of the all natural products in sample size

I thought the whole thing was adorable. Kudos to whomever came up with the idea for the gift boxes, very very cute. They also included a little brochure introducing the line and explaining what everything was bla bla bla

I also scored this style manual from Holly as well. She's hosting this awesome fashion show featuring all moms and someone sent this over to her in the mail and I happened to have been around as she opened it and she gave it to me to read over.

lots of style tips, if only I had an awesome maternity wardrobe or if my tummy wasn't so huge I'd probably have more of a desire to try to put some of these outfits together. I did however get a few tips that I have and will be using. Thanks again!!

Then the other day we decided, (I have issues accepting expensive gifts from people) that we would go to buy buy baby and start purchasing a few things for the little tummy dweller. For a while now I've been eyeing the Britax B-agile stroller and B-safe car seat travel system so we went ahead and purchased it. We also purchased the Avent isis twin electric breast pump, and a box of nursing pads to avoid any leaks, and because I didn't want to put any newborn diapers on my gift registry for fear that I'd wind up with tons of them, I got one box of newborn diapers. I feel much better knowing that I have a few things for baby besides clothing now. 

The other item I was planning on purchasing myself was the crib and mattress, however, baby's paternal grandma has expressed that she would like to purchase it as a gift for us. The crib that I really took a liking to and had great reviews was the Graco Stanton crib. It's quite inexpensive but the reviews were pretty amazing, everyone stated that it looked just like if not better than the more expensive ones and it was really easy to put together and sturdy.

This weekend we're gonna start painting annnnnd the nesting begins!

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