Wednesday, February 8, 2012

26 Week update

So sorry I'm so late in updating! I've been so tired and busy lately I haven't had the time.


How Far Along? 26 weeks 
Symptoms: Fatigue, general achiness
Total Weight Gain/Loss: only gained one lb this month woohoo!! 
Sleep: Varies, some days I sleep well, others, not so much. 
Food Cravings: orange juice (normally hate OJ) & I'm obsessed with cereal. 
Food Aversions: same
Best Moment This Week: seeing the LO at todays dr appt
Movement: I have Jackie Chan in there
Labor Signs: NONE
Gender: BOY OH BOY
Belly Button In Or Out? outtie, it's kinda cute though!
What I Miss: sleeping on my belly
What I Am Looking Forward To: Meeting him
Weekly Wisdom: Take your time. 

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