Sunday, February 19, 2012

One hour glucose test

On Saturday I took my glucose test. I spent the whole entire week stressing out over it. I heard it was oh so nasty, thick and just all around gross so I wasn't looking forward to it.... At all!  I made my appointment for first thing saturday morning I figured i'd get it out of the way and I'd be fine. 

I decided to go with the lemon/lime flavor because my sister told me the orange was really disgusting. So at 8:15 am I got out of the bed and chugged this nastiness down. It actually wasn't THAT bad. It tasted like flat sprite on my first gulp. After that first gulp however I started gagging, but I made sure I kept it down because I was told if I threw it up I'd have to do it again. I quickly finished it up, showered, got dressed and off to the Dr.'s office I went.  They drew 2 vials of blood and now I wait..... I'm praying I pass this test because I do NOT want to take the 3 hour test! Pray for me.

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