Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Annnd it starts

If you know me, you know i'm a shop-a-holic. That said immediately following my doctor's appointment we went shopping! Lol, I didn't go crazy yet. I need to chill for now. I know I can go crzy and I don't want to do that YET. I got him a pack of onsie undershirts and a Ralph Lauren sleep sac/gown thingy. Only designer that makes cute baby boy clothing is RL so I'm gonna be in the poor house if I wana dress my lil one in cuteness!


  1. My advice- Don't go too crazy... Especially one the early moths...things get ruined by milk and too small so fast! My advice get the more expensive things for the later months when it's worth The wear!

  2. Yea, they definitely grow so quickly, can't go crazy with the beginning.