Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preggo rant

What is with people? Is it just NY'ers as a whole or just people in general? Last night I went to macys after work with a friend and of course since it's holiday season it was reallly crowded. I must have gotten elbowed in the stomach about 5 times and rather than them saying sorry they had the nerve to give me dirty looks. HUH? YOU elbowed ME helllooooo!!

Another thing that's been bothering me is people on public transportation. For the most part I take the express bus to and from work since learning I was pregnant. I figure it's $5.50 each way, but I don't have to deal with homeless people, ghetto people, and I'll always find a seat. There has been a few times when for one reason or another I wound up on a train and boy oh boy do I regret it everytime. First of all people have no respect. The first time I took the train since I started showing it was suuuper crowded and people had no consideration until they noticed my tiny bump. Once they did they kinda tried not to crowd me too much which was good because I was really getting really hot and light headed and as soon as there was an open seat these 3 women practically forced me to sit. That was nice.

A few nights ago I had a similar situation and a woman got up and gave me her seat. Notice a trend? Women are the ones giving up their seats! What ever happened to chivalry? Prior to being pregnant I would see men nearly knock women down to get a seat which I always thought was ridiculous, but now I think it's disgusting! I was standing for about 3 mins before the woman offered me a seat, but there were many men on the train. Some of them even checking me out, so why not get your lazy fat ass up and give me your seat? Ugh!!

Rant over!


  1. Um, yeah, they don't care. I worked up until 3 weeks before my son was born and I was lucky if I ever got offered a seat. The funny thing is, the few times I was offered a seat, it was offered up by women and not by men.

  2. Smh a few ppl mentioned this to me, I dont know why I thought my experience would be any different