Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Change is good

So as you all know from my long rant the other day I had to change doctor's. One of my friends suggested her doc from the beginning, but since I thought I had my own there was no reason to use him. Well after all of last weeks BS I gave the doc's office a call and took a trip down there. I must say I love the new doc! I'm almost glad the old doc "didn't accept my insurance" hmph!! He was veryy accommodating and felt so bad that I had to change the gender scan date that he tried to sneak a peek but the baby wasn't cooperating! He/She kept mooning us then laid down crossed it's legs and stuck it's thumb in it's mouth! How adorable! My child is as stubborn as Mommy & Daddy, possibly even more so!!  Doc took a few pics, explained the practice and sent me on my way. My next appt for the gender scan is now Dec 27th hopefully he/she's ready to show us what we want to see! Change is def good!

check out the spine, lil chin/nose, and fist! 


  1. Good to hear that the new doctor is better thatn the old one.

  2. Yep! he got rave reviews before I tried him, should have went with him initially!