Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yay for IV (sarcastically of course)


So as I said I wanted to keep this blog as real as I could. I know many women will have you thinking pregnancy is a all rosey, granted some women do have easy pregnancies, but no pregnancy is perfect!

Yesterday I woke up and didn't feel right. I had stomach pains, but no clue what it was.
I discussed the pain with my mom and she suggested that it could be (tmi) constipation and that I should drink more water and try prune juice. After we had that convo I started feeling my stomach tightening and releasing which was what I assumed to be Braxton Hicks contractions. Freaked me out a bit, but after some quick research I learned that at 18 weeks they're quite common and harmless unless they continue consistently for a long time and if I had a gush of water or blood. I had neither so I ignored it got dressed and went out.

While out I decided to grab a bottle of prune juice and had a cup when I got home (it was awful!!).  After drinking it I actually started feeling worse and my stomach kept gurgling. My sister was actually laughing at me when I told her about it b/c it was so weird, but I did also tell her the pain was pretty intense and that I was thinking about heading to the ER in the morning.

As the evening progressed the symptoms only got worse. I tried to sleep, but I just tossed and turned all night and after a certain point I knew I had to go to the emergency room. Finally when morning came I threw on some sweats and headed out to the hospital. They sent me up to labor and delivery which kinda freaked me out b/c of course at 18 weeks my beanie baby def wasn't ready to be born!! I filled out some paper work and was admitted. They had me undress and hooked me up to the contraction monitor. I was having quite a few contractions back to back so the nurse started me on an IV and told me that the contractions should stop. Almost as soon as she hooked me up the contractions stopped. I waited a while longer then I finally saw a Dr. She Did a quick abdominal and trans vag ultrasound and said the baby appeared to be fine and my cervix was closed all news I wanted to hear. They said the pain could be due to round ligaments or the babe could be sitting on a nerve or something and that I would be discharged after I was re-hydrated from the IV, but once I got home I needed to drink a lot more water on a daily basis to avoid problems.

I'm now home in bed and so far I've had a gallon of water. I feel like I'm going to explode and I'm up to pee every 5 mins, but if it helps and can prevent the pain I'm currently in this is what I'm going to have to do. I'm still in a great deal of pain and I hope it gets better so I can get some sleep tonight. If not I'm going to have to go back tomorrow to see if I can be given something.

G'nite all


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon

  2. Yikes! At least you guys are safe. Drink up. One gallon, though? SMH - Jayme Jaypea

  3. Thanks ladies!! Feeling much better a week later!

  4. Girl! I went in for dehydration too! Drink up until you explode!