Monday, December 26, 2011

Preggo Rant #3

Pregnancy Hormones!!

O M G!! Now if you know me, you would describe me as a stone cold heartless BITCH! I show no emotion, nothing bothers me, I'm vicious and love to fight... the list goes on. Yesterday however, I have no idea what came over me. I was over come with emotion and it was disgusting!! I started crying from the moment I woke up to pretty much bed time, and for no real reason really. I guess it all started after an argument I had with an uncle of mine who is dumb as a rock but, swears he knows it all.. Now normally I could go round for round with this moron, I mean REALLY, we fight constantly and I never take him seriously but,  this time I was really annoyed,  I literally felt myself getting hot and eventually had to  eventually remove myself from the situation because it could have gotten verrry ugly.

I went to the next room fuming and if you looked at me my face probably looked something like

Then of course when someone asked what the problem was my face turned to

and it stayed this way for majority of the day! It was just awful! Every time My sister or my mom spoke to me :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( :'-( it got to the point where it was becoming ridiculous and I told my sister that I was getting on my own nerves! I would be talking to my mom, crying and laughing, same with my sister, just cry laughing, it was the dumbest thing I've ever experienced! I am sooo very happy that day is over and I hope to never have to deal with it again, I'm a thug, and thugs dont cry! hmph!!

Pregnancy hormones..... I HATE YOU!! You ruined my makeup!


  1. Oh, the joy of pregnancy! LOL

  2. LOL! Love the pics you added to this post. They really help to get your point across.

  3. Awww! Damn ur uncle sucks! I would be pissed to. But girl this too shall past. You may have to invest in waterproof mascara! 0_o